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About 24 percent of alcoholics die in accidents, falls, fires, and suicides.

About 60 percent of all American babies are named after close relatives.

August is the month when most baby's are born.

About 10 percent of the workforce in Egypt is under 12 years of age. Although laws protecting children are on the books, they are not well enforced, partly because many poverty-stricken parents feel forced to send their children out to help support the family.

Most humans can guess someone's sex with 95 percent accuracy just by smelling their breath.

Half of all men start to lose their hair by the time they turn 30. Everybody loses dozens of hairs a day - the key thing is whether or not they grow back. More than 40 percent of men wind up with significant hair loss.

According to one U.S. study, about 25 percent of all adolescent and adult males never use deodorant.

Focus group information compiled by CalComp revealed that 50 percent of computer users do not like using a mouse.

One in five American households move in a given year. The average American moves 11 times. But most of us - 61 percent - still live in the state we were born in. And big corporations report increasing resistance to transfers to new cities...with many people turning down promotions in order to stay put.

Before the Chinese take-over of Tibet in 1952, 25 percent of the males in the country were Buddhist monks.

By the end of the U.S. Civil War, 33 percent of all U.S. paper currency in circulation was counterfeit. This was a devastating situation for a nation struggling to recover economically from such a destructive war. On July 5, 1865, the Secret Service was created as a part of the Department of the Treasury to help suppress counterfeit currency.

Cold pizza is fairly popular. A survey found 15 percent actually PREFER pizza this way, suggesting that the number who love hot pizza but don't mind eating the leftovers cold the next day must be quite high indeed.

It is estimated that 60 percent of home smoke detectors in use do not work because they don't have a battery in them or the battery in the detector no longer has any potency.

Two-thirds of men wear briefs, 22 percent wear boxers, and six percent don't wear underwear (I assume 6% did not answer).

Nearly 87 percent of the 103 people polled in 1977 were unable to identify correctly an unlabeled copy of the Declaration of Independence.

According to a major hotel chain, approximately the same numbers of men and women are locked out of their rooms. 32 percent are less than fully dressed.

The population divides approximately in half between AM and PM people. But early-birds have the edge - 56 percent routinely rise early while 44 percent stay up late. Medical studies, by the way, find that people tend to work more productively in the morning.

A recent Gallup survey showed that in the United States 8 percent of kissers kept their eyes open, but more than 20 percent confessed to an occasional peek. Forty-one percent said they experienced their first serious smooch when they were age thirteen, fourteen, or fifteen; 36 percent between the ages of sixteen and twenty-one. The most memorable kiss in a motion picture was in "Gone With The Wind" according to 25 percent of those polled.

Residential buildings use about 35 percent of all available electricity.

The one extra room new-home shoppers want the most is the laundry room, at 95 percent. Only 66 percent of new-home buyers request an extra room to use as an office.

Spaghetti is the favorite pasta shape, with 38 percent favoring it over other pasta shapes. The second favorite shape is elbow macaroni, at 16 percent.

In the United States, more than 25 percent of women's fashion dollars are spent on sizes 16 and up.

More than 50 percent of adults surveyed said that children should not be paid money for getting good grades in school.

More than a third of all adults hit their alarm clock's "snooze" button each morning, an average of three times before they get up. Those most guilty of snatching some extra sleep are those in the 25-34 age bracket, at 57 percent.

Ninety percent of U.S. households have at lease one remote control for the television; 8 out of 10 report losing it.

Canada is the largest importer of American cars.

Chocolate manufacturers use 40 percent of the world's almonds.

Each year approximately 250,000 American husbands are physically attacked and beaten by their wives.

Occasionally, hot dog sales at baseball stadiums exceed attendance, but typically, hot dog sales at ballparks average 80 percent of the attendance.
Of devout coffee drinkers, about 62 percent of those who are 35 to 49 years of age say they become upset if they don't have a cup of coffee at their regular time. Only 50 percent of those under age 35 become upset.

There are more telephones than people in Washington DC.

Only about 30 percent of teenage males consistently apply sun protection lotion when going poolside, compared to 46 percent of female teens.

Out of the 34,000 gun deaths in the U.S. each year, fewer than 300 are listed as "justifiable homicide," the only category that could include shooting a burglar, mugger, or rapist.

Executives work an average 57 hours a week, but just 22 percent say their hours are a major cause of stress.

Only 3 percent of Americans ages 18 to 21 attended college in 1890.

From the 1850's to the 1880's, the most common reason for death among cowboys in the American West was being dragged by a horse while caught in the stirrups.

Hawaii has the highest percentage of cremations of all other U.S. states, with a 60.6 percent preference over burial.

Hawaii is the only state in the United States where male life expectancy exceeds 70 years. Hawaii also leads all states in life expectancy in general, with an average of 73.6 years for both males and females.

Two out of three adults in the United States have hemorrhoids.

Over 15 billion prizes have been given away in Cracker Jacks boxes.

While the average cost of air travel is about $60 per hour, using an air-phone during that plane trip can cost as much as $160 per hour.

There have been several documented cases of women giving birth to twins who had different fathers, including cases where the children were of different races. To do so, the mother had to have conceived both children in close proximity. There has also been one recent case where a mother gave birth to unrelated "twins." In that instance, the mother underwent in vitro fertilization and had her own child and the embryo of another couple accidentally implanted in her.

In 1990 there were about 15,000 vacuum cleaner related accidents in the U.S.

Pediatricians estimate that 58 percent of their young patients go to child care or school even when ill, according to a Gallup survey. This despite the fact that 81 percent of mothers working full-time have stayed home at times to care for a sick child.

Per a "Newsweek" poll, 49 percent of American fathers described themselves as better parents than their dads.

Per a national survey, 80 percent of U.S. teachers in grades kindergarten through eighth grade have received chocolate as a gift from their students.

In 1915, the average annual family income in the United States was $687 a year.

In 1970 only 5 percent of the American population lived in cities.

In 1977, less than 9 percent of physicians in the U.S. were women.

In 1990 the life expectancy of the average American male was 72.7 years and 76.1 years for females. In 1900 the life expectancy was 46.6 for males and 48.7 for females.

In 1995, each American used an annual average of 731 pounds of paper, more than double the amount used in the 1980s. Contrary to predictions that computers would displace paper, consumption is growing.

In 1996, Americans bought only 12 inches of dental floss per capita.

In a 1996 poll, the top reason for filing for bankruptcy, as cited by 29 percent, is that filers are "overextended." Only 15 percent of bankruptcy filers cited job problems, and only 17 percent cited health problems. Divorce accounted for 12 percent of filings. Six percent simply said they couldn't stand bill collectors.

Per capita, it is safer to live in New York City than it is to live in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

Police estimated that 10,000 abandoned, orphaned and runaway children were roaming the streets of New York City in 1852.

Results of a survey show that 76 percent of women make their bed every day, compared to 46 percent of men.

Adults spend an average of 16 times as many hours selecting clothes (145.6 hours a year) as they do on planning their retirement.

Half of all people who have ever smoked have now quit.

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